Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whole Foods To The Rescue

Aaaaw I'm so excited! I'm getting settled into new surroundings all around me and it's all good!

The other day, I went to Whole Foods with a friend/coworker. Now this just isn't your typical Whole's the brand new one in Lincoln Park! Yippee..yaaaay! First of all, this place is super huge- 75,000 sq. ft. huge and houses a ton of stuff that were beyond my wildest dreams. I mean, I've been shopping with them for years, but it seems to me now that every location divulges a different experience. Okay, so how about there's parking in the building! Now that's especially good on those rainy/snowy days. Once you park and walk in, you take the escalator down and you land right in the produce section. The lovely cherries greeted me as I walked off the electric stairs, so of course I grabbed a bag! I then proceeded into the area where all the toiletries and medicines are located. I couldn't believe they were selling my kinky curly hair products in there for $25.99! I can't remember if I even paid that much but it's good to know that I can now purchase this stuff there when I run out. Right next to that department were these machines where you press a button and it makes peanut, almond, or cashew butter. Yummmmy! I immediately grabbed the plastic bowl to make me some almond butter, but since the machine was temporarily out of order, I opted for peanut. It's soooo good! I have it with a banana in the morning and it's divine. Okay, at this point, I just float through the store on a little tour cuz I'm just mesmerized by everything. I just should've put my basket down and walked through the store, sampling all the aisles--HA!

Whole Foods has a make your own trail mix stand, huge uber fresh salad bar, the hot bar of course, fresh sushi bar, chinese strip, a diner, the pizza pub, dessert deli, 2 wine/beer bars, I mean it just doesn't stop.

Go! See for yourself but please be warned: You could lose your mind with excitement in this place. Oh, and don't spend your whole paycheck's just food! Baaahahahaa...Later!