Tuesday, May 31, 2011

grilled cheese social

can you believe the 'bread' on this sandwich here is pound cake:



i am so making this stack of french toast as soon as i can find someone to share it with! nutella, strawberries, whipped cream, and challah bread! c'mon...there's NO way i'm eating this all by myself. must.share. i see a family get together in the near future? you all know you're so coming over.


another absolute in divine order..ha! honey, morbier and gorgonzola cheese shelled into english muffins...ooowweeee!! although she used blue cheese..well, blue is just bold and in your face. gorgon has a smoother approach. need i say more?

what a genius. see everything she has to offer in the social world here.

getting over it all


ginger tea
honey (not pictured)
fresh cut lemons

along with tons of homeopathic medicine that help clear the sinuses up! who has time to be sick..not me. happy spring!

a grand time


take 1: chicken meatballs marinara


take 2: duck triangles with spicy soy dipping sauce


main course: chicken royale- tenderized breaded chicken, garlic butter mashed potatoes, slow roasted carrots, and whole cut green beans...mmmmm!

thanks j, for joining me. what a feast..compliments of..but of course, the grand luxe cafe.

extra avo and evoo please


tomatoes topped w/liquid aminos
avocado lightly drizzled in olive oil
smoked applewood peppered turkey bacon
mushroom & onion stir-fry topped with hummus

such a yummy dinner and so good for you!

Monday, May 30, 2011

cupcake wars

following sunday service, i had the pleasure of participating in the first ever war at our church: cupcake wars. it was a fun, yet delicious experience to say the least. if you are familiar with the television show, then you would have enjoyed our version of watching the contestants get down and bring it! here they are in action as the countdown has began:


while the contestants were getting their mix, stir, and bake on, we the judges were having dinner and reviewing the rules and regulations of the war:


after the 35 minutes was completed, we had the opportunity to chat with the contestants as they presented the finished product one by one. first up, was a chocolate cupcake glazed with a velvety chocolate frosting and topped with sunflowers, surrounded by a bed of sprinkled grass. yum.



next contestant served us a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting and sprinkles. another treat that was tastefully enjoyed.



last but not least came the caramel french toast cupcake. myself and the other judge sitting beside me were able to witness the contestant frosting the cupcake(s) upon their exit out of the oven. since it was sort of a frosting mess, we were really not looking forward to sampling; however, to our surprise, these cupcakes were pretty delicious. proved to us that the more of a mess you make, the better the cupcake will taste. :) again, great job bri.


although all the contestants were winners today, we had to pick one. 3rd place went to the vanilla buttercream cupcake...2nd to the caramel french toast cupcake..and the 1st place winner was the chocolate sunflower garden cupcake. in the end, it all boiled down to presentation, moisture, texture, and the overall taste of the cupcake. what a pleasant experience this was. a fun time was had by all as we are certainly looking forward to the next round of cupcake wars. until next time, cheers!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

turkey soup for the soul


my father always makes this soup with the leftover turkey particularly after a major holiday. never tried it with chicken..hmmmm and come to think of it, not sure if it would yield the same results taste wise. nonetheless, this recipe is in my daddy's top secret archives so i haven't a clue as to how this is prepared but i will give you a 'guess' list:

green peas
heavy whipping cream
wine (cooking wine..i really dunno)
broth (??...unsure as to how much or if any is used)

but one thing i'm sure of is that garlic bread. oh, was that bread delicious:
bread (whatever you use)
butter (melted)
garlic (of course, sprinkle in the melting butter concoction)
i think that's it. oh and paprika!
enjoy! :)