Friday, September 3, 2010


So your girl gets up at 5:30am because it's her mother's birthday and she will not have time to commit to a workout after work. She only really has an hour by the time she makes it to the gym because she has to be on the train headed for work by 8am. In that hour she manages to complete 5 miles in record time: 59:04. Progess people...progress.


Hey, hey..who's that trying to take over my blog post? I guess they spilled the beans...yup, 5 miles in less than an hour! I told that extra 3 minutes mentioned in a previous post that I'd diminish and that's exactly what I did! Booyah!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gimme Some More Salt Please!

Um, these chips are better than good. Their great. Forget it, they are so salty and vinegary without overdoing it. I overdid it. I ate a whole bag in 2 days...yep, I confess. What are ya gonna do? I can't help it. And while I'm confessing...let me reintroduce myself: My name is Greedy Food Chic and I'm addicted to potato chips. I have tried to deny it in the past but every time I'm grocery shopping, I leave the store with 100 bags. Obviously, the chip aisle is where it's at. I'm talking nacho cheese tortilla chips, salt & cracked pepper chips by cape cod (love, love!) any cheddar chip (ruffles, frito lay, you name it) sour cream flavored, and any kettle chips are my absolute fave because they are the crunchiest! It really doesn't stop here..I'm just trying to control myself. So go out to your nearest Trader Joe's and grab you a bag. I'm heading now...this post has stirred up a craving!

Nacho Libre'

For someone who didn't want to run today, I sure performed like I was excited to be at that boring 'ol gym. How about 5 miles in 63 mins. Aaaah....all in a days work. But darn extra 3 minutes, you! You could've been a perfect 60! I will diminish you in the near watch! Here's dinner:

Hahaaaa! I am so kidding. This was dinner at my parents house this evening. I swear if I didn't live 9,999 miles from them, you can bet your nacho chip I would be right there wiping my plate cheesy clean!

My dinner was actually a plate of baked sweet potato fries with a side of organic ketchup. Clearly I'm not putting a picture of that up cuz well, those nachos would just walk all over me.


I carb loaded and cheesed out on my lunch today:

chicken curry pasta with sliced red grapes and slithers of almonds

with a good ol' caprese sammich with jalepenos. It was pretty great.

Now off I go to run...