Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mango Banana Yogurt?

So as you know I didn't make it to the Moon- Berry Moon that is. Since it's located about 1500 miles from my house, I decided to bring the moon to me. Ok, it's not exactly that far, but it's far a ways from my kitchen. Anyway, I pulled some frozen bananas, mangos, and a little almond milk to the blenderistic combustion:

Notice how I have berry chill ( bowls surrounding the scene t0 psyche me up as if I'm at a yogurt joint. Btw, if you are a huge fan of frozen yogurt, and you haven't been there, stop reading this and go now! But make sure you come back and let me know how good you thought it was...or wasn't. Seriously, it's delicious. Ok back to the originally scheduled program. It's all done now so let me grab a bowl and pour:

Ooooooo...this is gonna be delicious! Look at the mountains of fruity yogurty goodness waiting to be devoured!

mmmmmmm yummmmmm...this is ultra fab. Not only did I save money and gas, but I also got a cool treat out of it- all you can eat to be exact and again it was for the free free! Score!!

It's On & Poppin Now

Exercise: 4 miles / 45 mins (today) 5 miles (Monday)

I don't have much to write about except the fact that no, I didn't go to the moon. Although, it can easily seem that way because I haven't checked back in since Saturday. Yogurt was delicious. Actually, it wasn't because I didn't go. I was pretty wiped out on Saturday that I didn't leave the house for the rest of the day. I did make a wannabe yogurt smoothie..I will post that experience soon- promise.

Today's lunch was at 12noon: veggie fried rice, salad with ginger dressing, vegetable tempura, and 3 pieces of sushi..california roll to be exact.

Followed by a snackie snack at 1:45p: Clif kid chocolate chip protein bar & a cup of mango tea with french vanilla creamer. The protein bar is one of my faves. And the tea was fantastico muy bien!

Another snack came later on at 5:10p: raisin toast with a light butter called Balance. I got both the toast and butter from Trader Joe's.

After my workout, I had dinner at 8:00p: steamed veggie stir-fry with brown rice, a glass of water as well as an apple on the side. I wish that were true. Here's what I really ate: tortilla chips and salsa. A few minutes later, I heated up some veggie wings with goddess dressing and ate some hawaiian style salt & vinegar chips. I know right..I'm gonna get enough of just walking in the door and eating whatever it is I see. Oh well...better luck next time. You know what's really suckie- the fact that I'm sitting here thinking about this leftover lemon pie I have in fridge from Sunday...mmm OK- See ya tomorrow! Oh, and sorry no photos.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First 8

Elliptical / 8 miles / 1:38

That's right folks I have ran 8 miles in one workout session! I have never done this..ever! As you can see by my time, I took this honey at whatever pace I was feeling at the time. If ya wanna know how it all went..well here goes: A lot of self-talk took place during my run. I first thought geez, 1 mile is equivalent to 12 mins for me..I gotta change that! Then I thought, 'you know what, this is progress..I'm focused, I'm stepping up my routine, and I'm pretty serious about it.' I always want something right rush, rush, rush! This journey right here, is definitely allowing me to learn patience. I can't have what I want when I want it..which is right now! I mean can my time be a 7-8 min mile? Yes, it can eventually. I'm learning to just be patient and focus on having fun with this [cuz that's ultimately why I do this and to indulge in a cupcake or two] I will say that the gym sessions this week have been a great help to making this happen today. I sweated my butt off but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I walked out the door a little nervous too but you know what- I said in my mind I would run 8 miles and that's exactly what I did! That brings my weekly grand total to 27 miles ran!!! In a week, moi??! Go Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...woooohoooooO!

Ok enough talk about the workout, it's time to talk fooooooood. I mean that's what we're all here for, right!? Here's the pre workout snackie snack:

Post workout stir-fry:

This baby was very tasty! Oh, that's spicy hummus on the side for dipping. Here's all the veggies I used to create this bad boy medley:

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, veggieland mixture, and turkey bacon...ooooo la la! I added spicey mustard, hot sauce, jalepenos, a little olive oil to get it sizzling, and some sea salt. I will definitely be making this again! It was more than satisfying!

I'm off to get this:

photo courtesy of

Stay tuned. I will let you know how my visit to the moon goes.....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Runners Research

So I've been doing a little research and here's what's on my list of things I need to eventually get:

Garmin Watch, $199 -So I can have the option of really running outside and having a clue as to what my distance & time is without having to guess.

Runner's World Magazine Subscription, $1 a year..I mean an issue

Mizuno Wave Rider's, $59.99 -I'm gonna try these on at Running Warehouse this weekend. If they don't work out, I'll probably resort to a pair of Asics. I hear these are fantastic shoes though.

Free Friday!

That's right..I'm free today. I took the day off from running cuz well, I'm just listening to my body. Tomorrow's workout is gonna be extreme though. I have an idea of how much I'm gonna do but not gonna say yet until tomorrow. So the 2 or 3 subscribers [if that] to my blog will just have to log back on tomorrow sometime to see the big blowout results.

Breakfast was a big bowl of oatmeal with almond butter:

With a little trail mix on top thanks to google images.

Lunch was from a throwback I used to frequent waaaay back in the day:

Up, close, & personally drooling

Give it up for Ronny's Steak House. Look at how buttery soft those potatoes are looking and yes, that's a can of LaCroix there in the background. I was told if I dranked it during this meal, it would cancel all the calories out. Is your mouth watering yet? It was yummilicious!

And what's a Friday without dessert:

This was outstanding! Excuse the hunk of crust that's missing from the top edge of the pie. I just couldn't wait until after the photo op. Yep, I'm that impatient. Now that I think of it, I've been getting free desserts now for 2 days in a row. Lets see what I can snag tomorrow to make it a sweet 3!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wrap Me in Buffalo Sauce

Lunch was pretty awesomely [is that even a word] overpriced today. I met a friend that's back in the states for a few weeks from the audacious aussieville continent of Australia. I met her from work back in 2008 [man, how time flies..seems like yesterday] She's now been in Australia for well over a year with her beau. What a life, right!!?? She was as awesome as I remember. Too bad I didn't get a picture of her and the group cuz I was too busy chomping on this:

Before I hogged out on the picture contents above, I perused the menu and saw beignets!! Ok, anyone that knows me well and we're discussing New Orleans, knows that beignets are what typically comes up in the conversation! To top it off, the description stated they use Cafe du Monde's mix. I almost flipped outta my seat! Ok, not really..but I came close. You know they sell the mix at Cost Plus World Market. I'm no good at making these though. One, I'm impatient and two, I don't own a candy thermometer and three, yeah, I'm just too impatient. But maybe the recipe doesn't call for patience just understanding. [ha] Shocking that I'm mentioning this but I bought the mix years ago and it just sat in my cabinet forever until I finally threw it out. I was gonna make pancakes with it but I think it pretty much has the wrong agents in it altogether to make that happen. What a mess that would've been.

Oh, here's my dessert for today:

Ice cream bars from the office of the building. They give it to us everyday in the summer months as an incentive for coming to work in their building. [I wish]

With all this food, thank heavens for today's workout: Elliptical 5 miles in 58:48

Grocery Love

I finally made it to Trader Joe's in my right mind and bought food that would actually prepare a real meal. Sometimes I go to the store with 'oh, I need this' and 'oh I need that' in mind then once I'm actually in there toting the cart and all, my mind goes blank. I still didn't make a list, but who cares..I got food..good food:

There's two plums missing cuz I ate 'em. Also, those tortilla chips without an identity [Not kidding..this is the name of the chips] pictured on the back right side are absolutely delicious! Yum times!

Not bad for fifty-three buckaroos!

The New Morning Ritual

Daily Exercise Report: Elliptical 5 miles in 56:24

My new fave thing to drink in the morning is the new and improved mango tea from Trader Joe's with French Vanilla creamer:

It really does taste like a warm dreamsicle! Oh and it's not really new &'s just a new & improved beverage to wake a sista up!