Thursday, August 18, 2011

today is national ice cream pie day


who would've is ice cream pie day! if you're in chicago this weekend, celebrate this joyous occasion at the chicago ice cream & gelato festival which starts today and ends friday. some of the city's top pastry chefs and soda shops will be in tow. and get this- a homemade ice cream demo is waiting for you! now how exciting is it to know that you can learn how to make your own ice cream in the comfort of your own home? i'm sure you'll be able to learn a few pointers (flavors, last minute add-in ingredients) out of this demo as well. there's a grill area on site too for some savory pickings that'll help balance out your urge to want to climb a wall and embarrass yourself in public from your much anticipated sugar rush.

opens at 6pm, shuts down at 9pm each day. $25 entry fee. 1431 west taylor street at the grand piazza. go get it while it's cold!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

trader day tuesday


gummy bears. these aren't your typical bears...they are all natural and made with real fruit and vegetable extracts. there's no artificial flavors or preservatives. and for the first time ever since this universal chewy, gummy goodness was manufactured in the 1920s, now you can get your daily fruit and veggie allowances too. well, don't quote me exactly on that one...but it can be a small bit of a contribution in some sort of way...hehe


strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, pineapple, and cherry are the flavors of the gummy rainbow that are included in this bag that reminds you of the bunny holiday. the bears are the perfect texture and the flavor is present in each candy yet subtle at the same time. i'm addicted. so addicted i'm going to buy a few more bags at trader's tomorrow. so go get a bag too. let me know how much you enjoy them. or didn't. oh, and tell trader greedy food chic sent you. like they know who i am. one day they might. enjoy! $1.99/bag

Sunday, August 14, 2011

eats off the street


stop the trucks are totally invading the streets of chicago. from frozen yogurt, gourmet mac & cheese, cupcakes, slider name it. trucks are the new restaurants. so does this mean restaurants will eventually become extinct? well, maybe not totally written off...i meeeean you couldn't have a business lunch or dinner meeting in front of a truck on the street or gather all your friends for happy hour while you dangle in front of the truck buying off all their goods with your libations in hand. so restaurants are not really going anywhere. but trucks are definitely a good alternative for something quick and conveinient...and if you wanted to plan to eat out of a truck everyday of the week, you could. go here to view a map, get tweet updates, links to their menus, and trucks new to the scene.

reuben, i'm stuttering


corn beef
sauerkraut (broiled in the corn beef prior to placing it on the sammich to grill)
homemade rye bread slathered & grilled in butter

all made by daddy ham.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

i'm a stir-fry fanatic


so easy....

chicken chow mein stir-fry (trader joe's)
i added extra broccoli
brussel sprouts
tuna (sauteed in olive oil, cayenne pepper, & seasoning salt)
all mixed & bundled in thai sauce's about to go down...ciao, baby!