Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chick-Fil-A Is Coming To The Midwest!

After living in the south for a decade, Chick Fil-A was that one go to spot when all else failed. Even though they close at 9pm faithfully on a weeknight, their food has always to this day, remained consistent. I'm talking about a tender, melt in your mouth chicken fillet on a bun with those dill pickle slices. Can we say heaven in a drive-thru!?!! Add mayo if you'd like, but it's honestly just as mouthwatering by itself. I'm also hearing that their new spicy chicken sandwich is a must try..that alone just sounds so delicious, I can't stand it! And those waffle fries are like the icing on top. Dip them in their polynesian's to die! From their shakes (strawberry is my fave) to their cheesecake, the midwest is in for a consistent treat and good ole' customer friendly service. They are closed every Sunday of the year because the founder is all about having a day of rest, going to church, and what may have you. How thoughtful is that!

They open late this summer in Orland Park, IL. I.can.not.wait!

Let me know what's your favorite at Chick Fil-A!

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