Thursday, December 30, 2010

Havarti & Blackberry Preserves Grilled Cheese

Man, with a little inspiration from Giada in the latest Real Simple mag, who knew I could throw this number together:

This was so easy. I heated some olive oil in a non-stick pan, sprinkled some basil and thyme in the olive oil, and laid a slice of bread atop my little oil concoction. I then sliced some havarti cheese and placed that on top of the bread. As that was starting to heat up in the skillet, I went ahead and took my other slice of bread and slathered it with plenty of blackberry preserves (mmmhmmm). Once I slipped that baby on top of the cheese, I flipped the sandwich a few times to get that brown, toasty finish that I oh so love. Then I took it out the skillet, sliced it in half, and voila! It was amaze. Will definitely be making this again. Now off to have my fix of chai!

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