Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Got Goat?

Girl and the Goat, that is. Okay, out of every restaurant list I've come across in the past few days, this restaurant is without a shadow of a doubt within those listings. Executive Chef Stephanie Izard is the mastermind behind this catchy, get your attention name of a dining spot. I kept wondering what is this place? I finally took the time to dig a little deeper and just click the link and read away. Impressive it is. I of course have not been here yet [it's now on my to do list] but this place offers a ton of enticing and curious courses that fall nothing short of a goat appetite. Some that caught my eye:

*smoked goat pizza: apple soffritto, black kale, ricotta, & cipollini

*pan roasted chicken: fermented black bean, nicoise olives, celery, watermelon, & mint

*seared scallops: pumpkin brandade, pecans, fried brussels sprouts (yum), tarragon & pomegranate

*bavaroise: fluffy goat cheese, blueberry, brown sugar cake

*potato dumplings (think donuts) and lemon-poached eggplant

Believe me, there is plenty more where this came from. Check out a sample below and a more extensive menu here.

Girl & the Goat
809 West Randolph
(Between Halsted Street & Green Street)
Chicago; 312.492.6262

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