Wednesday, November 24, 2010


turkey & dressing from easter sunday, 2010

thankful to be the person i am today. although things may not have turned out the way i "planned," i'm certainly happy with the results of me thus far.

thankful to be living back in my hometown, chicago. yeah yeah yeah- sometimes I dislike it but deep down I'm happy to be home with the people who love me best.

thankful for my mother who listens to everything I talk about, from rants to whatever else. thankful she comes shopping or eating with me whenever possible. thankful she's always there for me. without fail. i love you more than words.

thankful for my father who raised me with the motto "the world doesn't owe you anything cuz you're here." thankful for his lectures about growing up and the ways of the world. "don't you hear me talking to you," he would always add. yep, i was listening, dad. and it has certainly paid off.

thankful my mom and dad are a true example of marriage and what it should be.

thankful for my sister who is my best friend. i can literally tell her anything and not feel like i'm being judged. thankful for her loyalty and commitment to all that she does. to watch how she raises my niece and is a wife to my brother in law wows me as she always gives not 100%, but beyond the call of measure. not to mention, she's pretty successful too. she inspires me everyday.

thankful overall for a close knit extended family. we've certainly had our ups and downs- instances that i'm not proud of. all and all, we've managed, learned, and hey, life goes on.

thankful for loving friends who i can talk to in the wee hours of the nite or just hold the phone in silence.

thankful for peace of mind

thankful to have faith and know the best is yet to come.

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